Find Out If You Have Hidden Food Intolerances

Find Out If You Have Hidden Food Intolerances

Want to know what’s really causing your food intolerance or allergy?

Want to get more information on about your diet so that you can get on with your life?

The solution is here…

Simply order our unique full intolerance testing package, then send us a few strands of your hair and we’ll analyse your hair sample against over 700 known food and non-food allergens and toxins in our database.

Now Discover Your Intolerances…

Most intolerance conditions are associated with a particular food or drink you consume and so finding a remedy is simply a matter of avoiding the products that make you feel unwell.

However, with so many possibilities, only an intolerance test can reveal the truth.

It seems many doctors won’t prescribe the intolerance tests as a standard procedure, due to cost restraints on the NHS, so take the initiative and get tested anyway.

Even painful blood tests cannot reveal the true identify of any particular food intolerance.

What We Offer…

Intolerance Lab will carry out a full testing program on your hair sample, which might reveal a hidden food substance intolerance or a pet allergy, a dietary allergy or a household product allergy.

Intolerances and allergies are however, NOT the same. You could be affected by one or the other… or both.

A hair analysis test might reveal an intolerance to a specific type of food product, such as eggs or milk or something you would never otherwise be aware of.

Isn’t it worth finding out exactly where your problem lies?

Check out the lists opposite to see for yourself the full range of food and non-food products we thoroughly test…

Why wait a moment longer? Haven’t you had enough of having to put up with your unwelcome, annoying food intolerance? Simply find out the cause and eliminate it from your life forever.

For just £47 you could know what the potential causes are and be free of its debilitating effects within 6 weeks, or your money back.

Your simple 3-step plan starts here…

Follow the instructions below and start your journey to start feeling great again.

Book our full test to find out if you have any hidden allergies or intolerances.
Receive detailed instructions on how to take your hair sample properly and where to send it.



Post your hair sample to our experts at the lab and wait 5-7 days for your life changing results.






Receive a detailed report letting you know what hidden allergies or intolerances you have. Follow our diet plan and start to feel great again.







Using state of the art American imported bio-technology equipment.
Get your hair tested and find out if you have any hidden food intolerances.

Find out this week if your body has any hidden intolerances or not.

Our full testing package will analyse you sample against over 350 foods and 350 non foods.

All you have to do is send us a few strands of your hair about a thumbnail size sample is ideal.

Our 100%, No Quibble, Full Money Back Guarantee!

We know you’ll be absolutely delighted with our service, which includes full testing and after sales support.

A new start… a new life… for just £47 

However, if after 6 weeks you are not completely satisfied with the results of our tests, our recommendations or anything else, then simply contact us and let us know.

We will not hesitate to make you a full 100% refund with no questions asked. 

That’s how confident we are that you WILL be more than happy with our tolerance testing package.


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